Ron Stevens Testimonial

It is our goal at PDA to help professional truck drivers not only find the career opportunity that fits them but also to help troubleshoot when issues arise. We areparticularly pleased when one of our driver clients lets us know when we’ve been of great assistance or were able to make a tough situation better.

Here is a note we received from Ron Stevens, one of our valuable clients, with a message for all truck drivers out there:

I just wanted to let you know how helpful the PDA team is and can be. Starting out in this career can be very tough and you will probably face some difficult times.

Off to a bad start

For example, when I first started out I was sent from my home terminal down to Ocala, Fl., to meet my trainer while he was on his home time. After a grueling 32-hour bus ride, I got down there and had to wait in a hotel for three days for the trainer to come off home time and pick me up. He finally came and got me with his wife and child in their personal car. Said he had a few errands to run first since we still did not have a load. He ran all over town and finally drove us back to his house because we still had not yet been given a preplan. This upset him so he sent his fleet manager another message. While waiting for a response, he proceeded to tell me everything bad about the company I just chose to start my career with! Then looked at me and said he was going to quit the company and asked me where I would like to go. Another bus ride was not appealing so I had him take me to rent a car and drove the 16 hours straight home. When I got home, I contacted the company and explained what I had gone through and they told me to sit tight and they would get me another trainer.

PDA on my side

After a few days, I just felt that I was getting the run around but I had stayed in contact with my PDA agent, Stephen, keeping him informed. Stephen and his colleague, Scott, asked me to be patient and let me see what PDA could do. They made several phone calls to the right people and — wow! — the outcome was dramatic. My phone was ringing off the hook from several different people calling in the company. The company saw the situation through my eyes. Within a day, I had a new trainer pick me up from my home to get my training started. The PDA agents stood up for me and got the ball rolling. It felt great to have someone standing on my side! They have stayed in close contact with me now for 15 months continuing to step in to help me out. PDA is a great company to have on your side.

Thanks, Ron! We are so happy PDA could help.