Taking Your Pets on the Road

Have you ever driven with pets in the truck? Would it surprise you to know that 60 percent of truck drivers own pets, and 40 percent bring them along on the road? Many people say that pets in the cab provide companionship and entertainment, and having a truck dog can also be a great source of exercise, since they need to be walked and love to run and play. Is there a trick to learning how to travel with pets? Furthermore, what are the pros and cons of having pets in the truck?

  • The first thing to consider, if you’re thinking about getting a pet to keep you company while you’re truck driving, is that even companies that look favorable on trucking pets tend to favor a trucking dog. This is probably for the best, because dogs typically make the best traveling companions. Of course, some cats are champion travelers, and some trucking companies do allow cats, so if your kitty is your choice of truck pet, just make sure you find a company with a cat friendly policy.
  • If you’re planning to have pets in the truck, make sure the truck and the pets are ready. Your pet should have regular check-ups and be up-to-date on their vaccinations; they should also be accustomed to riding in a vehicle before you try to take them on a long haul. If you don’t have a pooch yet and are planning to adopt one, it’s a good idea to choose a breed that’s on the smaller size and doesn’t shed. Set up your cab to accommodate your furry friend with a safe and comfortable place to sleep, favorite toys to keep them entertained, and a crate for when safe containment is necessary. You’ll also need to set up your cab in such a way that the animal can’t interfere with your driving, especially with the operation of the pedals.
  • Make sure you’re ready for the responsibility of a truck dog. While they’re good companions, they also have real needs, and it’s up to you to meet them. Be prepared to stop frequently to exercise your dog and allow them bathroom breaks, and always keep him on a leash. Microchip your pet as well as keep them in a collar with tags, and keep them up-to-date with things like heartworm and flea preventives.
  • If your companion of choice is a cat, realize that they have different requirements. You’ll need to find an inoffensive space for a litter box, which will need frequent cleaning, and you’ll also want to bring along a scratching post.
  • One caveat: Inexperienced drivers should not bring pets in the truck. If you’ve been on the road fewer than six months, you need to focus all of your attention on the road. A pet, no matter how charming, can be a dangerous distraction.

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