How to Get That Work-Life Balance on the Road

Trying to balance life on the road with your life at home can be challenging. Achieving the right work-life balance can be tricky in any industry, but there are particular complications involved in a trucking career, because the job takes you away from home. How can you find a way to balance life on the road with your life at home and not shortchange yourself on either front? We have some work-life balance tips that may help.

  • First, recognize that balanced doesn’t mean equal time. Trying to spend a perfectly equal amount of time at home and at work will probably end up being a frustrating, exhausting and pointless endeavor. Instead, recognize the fluid nature of life, and try to be flexible as your needs and the needs of your family shift over time. Setting priorities is usually more effective than trying to draw a line down the center of your time.
  • Take care of your health. Trucking, by its very nature, is sedentary and often exhausting work. A big part of achieving a good on the road balance is finding time to take care of yourself. Plan to eat nutritious foods, get plenty of rest, and schedule time for exercise, and you’ll find that you are less stressed on the road.
  • Be where you are. When you’re on the job, you’ll obviously need to focus 100% of your attention to your work. When you’re home, though, be present in the moment. Don’t text at your daughter’s soccer game or take calls during family dinner. Living a life of focusing on one thing at a time will leave you feeling more satisfied and fulfilled.
  • Treat your time as precious. Reduce or eliminate the time wasters in your life, and instead, choose to spend your free time on activities that increase your enjoyment of life. Your time is finite, and while you’re trying to balance life on the road, you should pay special attention to how you’re spending it.

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