Hiring the Best of the Best

Are you hoping to start a trucking career? Perhaps you’re already a truck driver but don’t like the direction your career is headed? It’s time to get serious about searching for your dream job and seek lifestyle changes that will benefit you as you guide your trucking career in the right direction.Casually searching for a new trucking career may not be enough. If you’re serious about making a lifestyle change, team up with Professional Driver Agency.

Drivers Who Only Casually Look for a New Job …

… don’t spend the necessary time. Spending the odd hour here and there isn’t enough to find the type of truck driving job you want.

… make clumsy mistakes. When you’re in a rush to apply for as many trucking jobs as possible, it’s easy to overlook the name of the company, misspell the recruiter’s name or attach the wrong cover letter to your email application. Proofreading and double checking is essential to avoid these critical mistakes.

… misuse social media. Real online networking takes more effort than simply making vague status updates on Facebook and Twitter about looking for a new trucking career. Joining LinkedIn is a great way to find companies that interest you, connect with other drivers and participate in trucking-related groups.

Drivers Serious About Making a Lifestyle Change …

… take job hunting seriously. This means spending time every day browsing online job sites and reaching out to top carriers with quality applications.

… clean up public profiles. It’s important to only upload appropriate pictures and posts to social media if there’s even a slight chance a future employer could search for your name on Facebook or Twitter.

… join forces with Professional Driver Agency. As a professional driver who takes the future of your trucking career seriously, you will benefit greatly from using Professional Driver Agency to help you find a position with a carrier that matches your professional needs and lifestyle preferences.

Working With Professional Driver Agency

Many in-demand professionals have agents – why shouldn’t you? Professional Driver Agency helps match drivers to their desired benefits, pay and equipment to take the confusion out of the job search process. The end results? Lifestyle improvements, greater respect from the carrier and a more satisfying trucking career.

For more information about how Professional Driver Agency helps truck drivers jump-start their trucking career, please visit our website. Then find us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about our driver recruitment services.