The Right Job for the Truck Driver

At just six years old, David McQueen knew exactly what he wanted to do when he grew up. And, for over 34 years, David has been doing just that–driving trucks. David has worked truck-driver-testimonialwith several different carriers as a truck driver and built up a lot of experience carrying mostly HAZMAT and chemical materials. Although he was doing what he loved, he was discouraged by the possibility of chemical spillage and constantly being pulled over for random inspections. David knew it was time for a change, so he posted his resume online. One of the first companies to respond to him was Professional Driver Agency, and the rest is history.

After nearly 5 months with PDA, David remains enthusiastic about his experience with the company. He says the company expertly located “the right job for the right person.” He now drives for Falcon Transport, pulling short hauls for GM in the Dallas area, and is very proud to say that he is the first PDA hire by Falcon Transport.

Thanks to PDA and Falcon Transport, David has career opportunities he’s never had before. In fact, he’s now looking to advance to a supervisory role within the company. PDA has also provided opportunities for David’s family. His son recently started truck driving school and hopes to work at Falcon Transport, with the help of PDA once he graduates.

As the trucking industry continues to struggle to recruit and retain dedicated, qualified drivers like David, PDA is there to do just that. They help drivers improve their careers by finding an opportunity with a carrier that matches the driver’s professional and lifestyle needs. PDA also serves as an advisor, a mentor and someone to help guide the truck driver throughout their career, whether they’re an industry veteran like David or someone just starting out.

Find out how PDA can find the “right job for the right person” by contacting a PDA agent today through their website or by connecting with them on Facebook and Twitter.