Who is Professional Driver Agency? | Start Your Trucking Career

As a professional truck driver, isn’t it important to find a carrier that matches your lifestyle needs and career goals? At Professional Driver Agency, we specialize in helping drivers Finding your dream trucking career shouldn’t be a trial and error process. Don’t go it alone; utilize ¬truck driver recruitment services from Professional Driver Agency.further their trucking careers and get all the advantages they deserve.

Consider the professional sporting industry. Athletes and coaches have been represented by agents for years to ensure their compensation matches the effort they put into their jobs. That’s what Professional Driver Agency strives to provide professional truck drivers. In fact, the founder of our company has specific experience representing professional athletes – experience that will give you an edge when you choose us to represent you.

We work on your behalf to help you achieve:

  • Quality home time when you need it
  • Fair pay
  • Access to comprehensive benefits
  • Job retention benefits
  • Vacation time, insurance coverage and other perks
  • Much more!

You might be thinking, “I’ve applied to different trucking companies in the past without representation. Why start now? Successfully launching my trucking career doesn’t require an agent.”

The trouble is this: most truck drivers don’t end up with the right company that fits their needs. They suffer in less-than-ideal circumstances until they switch to a new company and give it another shot. You can avoid this trial and error approach with the help of a driver placement and retention agency.

When you team up with Professional Driver Agency to help you find the right carrier, you enjoy:

  • Lifestyle improvements
  • Competitive earnings
  • Trucking career benefits to suit your needs
  • Superior equipment options
  • Home time that fits your schedule
  • The confidence of having an agent at your side to negotiate on your behalf
  • More control over your trucking career

What if you could enjoy all of these benefits for free? That’s right – the same way a professional athlete receives representation, you have the chance to enjoy having an agent at your side at no cost to you. It’s the way driver recruitment was meant to be!

When you choose Professional Driver Agency as your representative, rest assured we’ll discuss your personal and professional requirements and help you determine which of today’s best carriers meet your specific needs. We’ll help you wade through your options and negotiate an offer on your behalf when the time comes. By ensuring the trucking company honors their offer, you’ll be on the road to your ideal career in no time!

When you’re ready to settle down into the trucking career of your dreams, please visit our website. Then find us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how we can help you achieve your career goals.